Allods Online: The release in Europe of the Renaissance update has been delayed

The European release of the Allods Online Renaissance update has been delayed so the team recently issued a community statement on the forums explaining the situation and reasons to their players.

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Despite the fact some other regions will be releasing this update within the next coming days or hours, here in Europe the release will be postponed for approximately two weeks. Here’s an abstract of the statement:

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Releasing the current build of this update would compromise features we had fought too hard to give you and we simply refuse to run even a day without them. Let’s share those bugs with you so you can judge on your own:

- Daily quest gives old, inferior xp scroll -- this is meant to be replaced with free daily mount food
- No wedding quests at all
- No free martyr's blessing quest: this means no free elixir buffs, or no free incense buffs
- The list keeps unfolding but is too long to state in full here…

On top of that, back end wise, this update completely change the technical architecture of several services of our servers, and without sufficient time to properly test this there are high concerns about the game stability. We want to properly address this before launch so that we don’t end up with our servers crashing completely.

This is more than enough for us to decide to postpone the update. Rest assured that we will work as hard as we can to reduce this delay to the very minimum.

Last, but not least, another distinctive difference regarding this update is our position towards talent resetting for each class. We have in the past fought real hard to get respec when it was needed, and recent Volumes have benefitted from this. But this is just an update, and only a couple of classes get their abilities changed to the extent that it will require a free respec.

A slight revamp of an imbalanced ability can’t stand as a justification for full server respect, or free respec of that particular class. We apologise if you think differently, but if we allow this we lose a good amount of credibility in negotiating server respec when it is truly needed in future Volumes.
You can read the full community statement here.

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