Allods Online reveals some details about October Expansion

Gala Networks Europe, free-to-play games publishers and operator of the portal, announces the next expansion for its AAA MMORPG, Allods Online. This upcoming expansion includes a wide range of significant changes for low and high level players, from optimisations for the game’s overall levelling curve to the introduction of a new zone for end-game players that offers the biggest challenge yet seen in the Allods Online universe.

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In Allods Online's upcoming expansion, players will have an opportunity to confront a newly discovered evil buried deep within astral. It seems Tep, the June Necromancer whose prison of souls is now open and guarded by a servant of Tensess himself, had even more sinister secrets to hide among the demons, and once again it was the brave and noble Zem people -- who would one day rise from the earth and become the Arisen -- who bore the brunt of his brutality.

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Out there lies a place of dark legend where souls were not only trapped, but experimented upon and drained of all energy and life. To this the bravest must travel and slay the evil that resides there. The souls will lend their strength and give their lives, but how many will perish so that a few may prevail?

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One of the biggest changes in the October Expansion is a complete revision of the first 25 levels of combat. Extensive re-balancing will make progression more immersive for new players, with easier monsters, faster combat, and a more intuitive difficulty curve making the first stages of Allods Online easier to master without watering down the core game that over 3.5 million players worldwide have come to love. The levelling system has been streamlined and simplified as well, with the complicated fatigue system removed completely and the bonus XP it provided distributed equally across all levels, players can enjoy a faster levelling experience all the way up to the maximum level 47. Two new player classes will also be added, which in combination with the previous archetype and race combinations brings the total number of playable classes up to 30!

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For high-level players, the upcoming expansion offers the Kingdom of Elements, an entirely new zone for the hardcore Allods Online player that picks up where the Cave of Tka Rik left off, unravelling more mysteries about the Allods Online universe and preparing players for the future, with experience, treasures and gold. The Arena of Death PvP instance also benefits from a significant tweak – instead of being open twice daily, it will now be available constantly for player-on-player battling, with a new matchmaking system to provide gruelling tests of player skill 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Finally, players with their own Astral ships can now customise the interiors of their craft with all manner of decor accessories, from rugs and throws to paintings and full suites of furniture.

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