Allods Online has released its latest expansion Volume 5: Game of Gods

Gala Networks Europe and Gala-Net, has released Volume 5: Game of Gods the latest expansionAllods Online, has gone live on all English language servers.

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The update brings a huge amount of new content including a new player archetype, a new PvP battleground system, a new raid and a new level cap.

Also launching with Volume 5 is full social media integration, allowing players to post in-game news of their adventures out to Facebook.

The Allods Online Volume 5: Game of Gods features in full:

- Level Cap increase to level 51: four new levels with three new zones providing solo, group and raid content, exploring deeper into storylines introduced in previous expansions.
- New Archetype: the Bard, four new classes provide support for their party and crippling crowd control and debuffs for groups of foes.
- Battlegrounds system: 12-a-side PvP with domination style mechanic, earn gold, exp, exclusive gear and more, available 20 times per day, from level 23 and above.
- New epic quest line to become a Great Mage and unlock the dual spec!
- New Raid: Dead City, 10 new raid encounters spread across three wings of this ancient and mysterious city.
- Social Media Integration: post to Facebook when you level up, complete World Mysteries, defeat a Raid and more.
- 4th layer of astral space: 15 new allods to explore and conquer, with all new landscapes, creatures and bosses to defeat.

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