Allods Online has presented its next expansion Volume 5: Game of Gods

Gala Networks Europe, has announced the next content expansion for Allods Online.

The expansion comes with the standard additions like an increase of the level cap and new PvP battlegrounds. Volume 5: Game of Gods will also include new content such as a new layer of astral space and an epic quest that allows players to become the Great Mage.

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Also coming in Volume 5 is social media integration, allowing players to share screenshots and post important in-game events to their favourite social networks without having to leave the game. The new expansion is set to launch in February 2012.

A list of the most prominent Volume 5: Game of Gods features is as follows:

- New Bard Archetype: Master new skills and a new play style with the completely new bard class.
- Increased Level Cap: Achieve new heights of power as the level cap expands from 47 to 51.
- New Quests: Meet the gods of Sarnaut and unravel the mysteries of this strange universe’s creation and destruction in a series of over 100 story-driven quests.
- New Raid: Challenge 10 powerful bosses in an epic raid designed for the most skilled players.
- Great Rank: Win ultimate renown by completing an epic quest series to gain an extra skill point, customization slot, and more to make an even stronger character.
- Bigger Battlegrounds: Team up to defeat opposing players in the new 12v12 PvP Battlegrounds.
- Expanded Astral: Brave the lethal fourth layer of Astral Space with its 13 all new astral allods.
- Faster Ship Combat: Spin the ship and fire the cannons faster than ever with newly revamped physics for astral ship battles.
- Share with Friends: Record all your victories with an automatic, opt-in social network system.

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