Allods Online announces its Official Release

Allods Online is going to leave the Open Beta with their next patch.

Allods Patch 2.0 will usher in the Official Live Release and a whole new era of Astral exploration. To gear up for the official release, Allods Online has decided to make Holy Charms completely free.
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Official Live Release of Allods Patch Note Highlights:

· Improvements in the Astral! New regions of the Astral have been unlocked, and new allods have been added to both old and new regions for adventurers to discover.
· New zones for high level players! Two new zones have been added for players to level in beyond level 42 – Kirah and the Isle of Revelation!

· An increased level cap and new spells and abilities! The level cap will be raised to 47, and new spells and abilities will be available for every single class. This means expanded talent trees and talent grids and a plethora of new ways to spend talent points and rubies!
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