Alaplaya celebrates Oktoberfest

alaplaya is rolling out the barrels of fun (and beer) for Oktoberfest. All through the month of September, alaplaya will be celebrating the world’s largest fair by letting the spirit (and beer) of Bavarian culture spill over into the worlds of S4 League, Fantasy Tennis, Florensia, and ARGO Online. Players in these games are invited to cook up the best of their wurst, put on their finest lederhosen, and enjoy all of alaplaya’s new items and accessories (and beer).

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The bullets have been flying through the world of third-person shooter S4 League, putting holes in all of the Oktoberfest barrels – thankfully, players can get their hands on pitchers of the remaining beer, which confer SP bonuses.
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Bavarian Flags and Barbecue Stands are also coming to ARGO Online, alaplaya’s steampunk MMORPG, but players will still have to fight their way through hordes of monsters to get to them!

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Meanwhile, the fantasy world of Florensia will also be celebrating in their finest dirndl dresses while enjoying the finest stout beer on tap.

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Fantasy Tennis players are advised not to drink too heavily on the court, but they can get their hands on special in-game red and blue hearts that can be exchanged for new Oktoberfest gear and costumes.

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