Aion: A first look at housing, weather system and new handicrafting

Aion: A first look at housing, weather system and new handicrafting

With AION upcoming update 3.0, NCsoft and Gameforge will be enriching the game with an extensive housing system. Thanks to the new construction handcrafting feature, own homes can be customised to suit the player’s needs. Regular season changes, which are bound to the real calendar, provide realistic weather conditions in Atreia.



The housing system differentiates between two types of available accommodation: the apartment in the studio and the detached house in the open-housing area.

The apartment is available to every player that has completed the required quest from level 21. No rent has to be paid and it can be entered via an entrance in Elian (Elyos) or Pernon (Asmodians). However, only the interior can be customised. Players can own one apartment in a studio per character.

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There are four different types of detached houses, which differ in size and available space for furnishing: the house, the mansion, the estate and the palace. There is only a limited amount of each house type available per server and faction. They are auctioned off at a set time and date and cost the player a monthly rent of in-game currency. Players will not only be able to customise the interior, but also the exterior of the houses. Heroes with green fingers can plant Hearthbloom and Guestbloom, to receive various buffs or items. In addition, furniture that is purchased, crafted or dropped by monsters can provide a cosy atmosphere in your home. A special orb allows characters to enter and marvel at other players’ houses.

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The housing area is influenced by the seasons, which are based on the calendar in the real world. Rainfall adapts according to the season. In addition, various challenging monsters appear who drop especially valuable house decorations, items and crafting ingredients.

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In keeping with the new housing system, players can try their hand at a new handcrafting skill – furniture crafting. This makes it possible to furnish your home with new items. To make this profession accessible to experienced players, they can drop their already acquired expert skills and retrain for the new job.



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