Aika presents its in-game events for April

HanbitSoft and Redbana, has announced a total of five major events during April in Aika Global. In addition to these events, April showers will bring premium items to the in-game mall for players worldwide.

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Monster Prankster
For all of April, get ready to trick the GMs as they bring the spirit of April Fools’ Day in-game with the “Monster Prankster” event. In this event, GMs will summon different, mysterious monsters in various locations, and it’s up to Elters to reveal the truth of the GM’s tricks. Discover and fight against these monsters to earn special prizes and rewards.

Find and Sell
Another event to keep the Elter’s busy is the “Find and Sell” event. The GM’s will announce an item that they are looking to purchase. If a player has the wanted item, they can open a store near Adrian Photek and list the item for sale. The GMs will be paying handsomely for the items they seek.

Where is my Easter Bunny?
Come and celebrate Easter in AIKA Global! Join the “Where is my Easter Bunny” event on April 15th, when the Great Goddess AIKA will scatter sweet little bunnies around Lakia. Players who find these bunnies the fastest will win unique prizes.

The Alchemist Challenge
Participate in “The Alchemist Challenge” weekly from April 4 – 30, available to all AIKA Global players. Participants will need to enchant their level 16+ weapons to +9. The first to achieve these upgrades within the event period will be awarded with any one of the Burning Forest accessories or 10 Gold coins.

Spring Break
It’s time for the “AIKA Spring Break Special” which brings Elters into a grand racing game. To join this event, players must create a new character with the first name “ASB”, reach level 10, and become listed to a nation. The race will start in Regenshein and end in Parote’s Stone Coffin (Cave of Altar) in Lump of Ashwood. During the race, monsters will be summoned to stop Elters along the way. Players can take time and fight these monsters or run and hope to make it to the finish line alive. The first three Elters to reach the goal line will win special prizes.

New Additions to the Item Mall
Four new items have now been added to the AIKA Global item mall, all of which will enable players to become more proficient when hunting and more deadly in PvP battles. The Potion of STR up, Potion of DEX up, Potion of INT up, and Potion of Protect will help players become stronger than ever before.
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