Aika Online has unveiled the launch date for its latest expansion Epic II

GPotato has revealed that the epic fantasy MMORPG Aika Online has set an August release date for its expansion, Epic II.

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With Epic II, Aika introduces a brand new campaign with an entirely new world, new skills, over 100 new quests, powerful new armor and weapon sets, new skins, mounts, and skills, and a brand new zone, frosty island of Traband, and a level cap increase from 70 to 75.

Epic II also offers a new PvP system. Alliances are ignored as nations engage in constant warfare over control of Traband’s three towers. The more towers a nation controls, the more the nation’s citizens are protected from the island’s hazardous conditions.

To pave the way for this gigantic update, gPotato is offering 1.5x XP for all players throughout June.

July will offer even more exciting events for new players, including a revamped World Drop Event, a month-long Login Event, and even more XP bonuses.
With the new level-up rewards package available to all new players, tons of new content on the way, and the gPotato exclusive Skull Drop PvP system and Nation Balance system, now is the best time to start playing gPotato’s Aika Online.
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