AIKA Global is celebrating its first anniversary

AIKA Global celebrates its first anniversary this month, and comes with some events: “WAR is Back”, “Run for Glory”, “King of Ka-Hill” and other in-game events.

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X2 EXP FOR ALL LEVELS FOR THE WHOLE MONTH - For the whole month of August, players of all levels can take advantage of X2 EXP.

RUN FOR GLORY - The 19th and 26th of this month because you might be the chosen one to race for your nation’s conquest. In the “Run for Glory” event, the Lord Marshall of each nation will be given an “Invader” account containing a powerful Paladin. The invader must successfully reach the opposing nation’s Regenshein. Of course, the defending nation shouldn’t make this easy.

WAR IS BACK - AIKA Global will continue to roll out medal drops for the rest of August. You know the drill, kill hostile characters and get rewarded with whatever is behind the W, A and R medals left behind.

KING OF KA-HILL - Every Wednesday and Saturday a 24vs24 room named “King of Ka-Hill” will emerge in the Battlegrounds. Upon the GM’s signal, the blood spilling match will begin. Whoever comes out alive in this match will be hailed as The King of Ka-hill and enjoy a ton of stunning prizes.

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