Aika Global introduces its July Events

AIKA Global has presented the three major in-game events taking place throughout July, the War is Back, the Wish Night (Festival of Sevens) and the Relic Wars.

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War is Back
From July 16 – July 31, there will be no end to the outpour of WAR medal drops. Every time a player kills a hostile character, they will have a chance to receive either a W, A or R medal. Each comes with a wide range of useful items for players to enjoy.

Wish Night, Festivals of Sevens
For the Wish Night (Festivals of Sevens) event, prepare your wish list and AIKA Global Game Masters might just make your hopes a reality. From July 7 – July 30, Game Master’s will open a wishing thread under the event heading on the AIKA Global forum site. GM’s will grant three wishes out of the bunch.

Relic Wars
The competition between Utopia and Bellicus gets tougher this month as the Relic Wars event challenges each nation to secure and protect relics for as long as possible. Once the raiding nation successfully captures the Holy Axe Stella and Holy Shield Sympagis from their rivals, they must defend the sacred items from their adversaries. The nations that are able to defend the specified relics for 3 to 7 days will have the opportunity to earn more EXP per battle. The competition requires teamwork, so make sure to gather all your allies together as you prepare to go after the ancient relics.
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