AIKA Global has presented its In-Game events for September

AIKA Global has presented today some in-game events for the month of September. Log in and look for this events to get some fun.


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War is Back - Get your armor ready and watch out for those W, A, and R medals as “WAR is Back”. You know what to do – kill hostile characters and there is a chance they will drop W.A.R. medals, with new medals being rolled out for the whole month of September.

Gold Rush – Participate in the Gold Rush event and you could win 10 pieces of Elixir Gold Coins! Every Tuesday and Friday, for only one hour starting at 3am and 3pm, the GM will hide or transform into a monster or a thing. Players will be tasked with standing next to the hidden GM within the given coordinates for one minute and say “I found you GM” in order to win.

Lucky Consignment – In the event GMs will be placing Elixir Gold Coins in the Consignment Shop at random times during the day. Players will have to check often because it’s on a first-come, first-serve basis and no announcement will be made. So pick your lucky day to shop and get it fast while it lasts.

Lost Luck Chase - After a truckload of Lucky Magic Coupons were accidently scattered across the land of Lakia, Joanne Sutherland was in despair. But after a suggestion from Marks Rummenigge, this tragedy was turned into a big hunting event for all Elters. So go out on a hunt for the scattered coupons to gather up valuable potions.

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