Aika celebrates its 1rst Anniversary with a Giveaway

Aika Online is celebrating its 1-Year Anniversary by teaming up with F2P.

Beginning March 11th we will be giving away 1000 packages to help you rejoice over every triumphant battle. Included are potions of arcane defense and destruction as well as the brand new Stat Potion Box, a premium random box item.

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Get your code right here and, then, visit the official website. Create a gPotato account and login Here, under Pin Code Redemption, select gPotato coupon.Click on it and enter your code to receive your Anniversary Package!

Anniversary Package(Limit one per account):

1. Potion of Arcane Defense x10

2. Potion of Destruction x10

3. Stat Potion Box x1 (Brand new premium random box.)

Giveaway will begin on March 11th and ends on March 25th, 2011

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