Age of Wushu receives “Legends of Mount Hua” expansion

SnailGames has just announced that its popular free-to-play martial arts MMORPG, Age of Wushu, received the "Legends of Mount Hua" expansion. It's the first North American expansion for the sandbox MMO and packed full with new features.

Legends of Mount Hua introduces an original story and instance, an 80-player battle arena and a PvP competition where players have to compete for the right to participate in the final contest held on the peaks of Mount Hua. The best ones may claim legendary titles and corresponding costumes.

AoW_LoMH_1 AoW_LoMH_2 AoW_LoMH_20

Moreover, players can now benefit from the newly introduced Martial Brothers system that allows low level players to quickly power up and enjoy discounts on learning skills by mentoring under a veteran player. Two epic martial skills have been introduced as well, which can be acquired through the new "Yanmen Pass" instance.

AoW_LoMH_15 AoW_LoMH_14 AoW_LoMH_17 AoW_LoMH_16 AoW_LoMH_8 AoW_LoMH_7

The expansion also brings new treasures and artifacts into the game world as well as the oportunity for players to increase their reputation among their faction and earn favors with certain NPCs to unlock special quests, titles, costumes and more.

AoW_LoMH_19 AoW_LoMH_18 AoW_LoMH_4 AoW_LoMH_3AoW_LoMH_13AoW_LoMH_5 AoW_LoMH_6 AoW_LoMH_9 AoW_LoMH_10 AoW_LoMH_11 AoW_LoMH_12

Source of information: SnailGames press release.

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