Age of Conan has announced that the pre-order of The Savage Coast of Turan is now available

The preorders of the new adventure pack of ‘Age of Conan: Unchained’, called ‘Savage Coast of Turan’ are now avaliable.

The new pack links directly to the recent Conan the Barbarian movie, picking up 20 years after the events of the movie has taken place, meeting characters and monsters from the movie, and giving the chance to explore the epic locations around the Persian influenced areas of Ardashir.

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Players who want an early access to the game can now purchase the Early Access Bonus pack from the in-game store, which allows access to all the new content, including the early access period which runs until September 8th.

The pack also includes an additional level 50 character upgrade for the account, as well as an additional character slot.

In addition there are adventure bundles that give players that little extra such as the Camel Mount and the fighting pet the Sand Demon, as seen in the Conan the Barbarian movie.

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“Creating this adventure pack, which took inspiration from both the recent movie and the original Conan stories has been a fantastic experience,”
says Game Director Craig Morrison. “The Savage Coast of Turan’ continues our efforts to continually add new and interesting content to the game. This new addition will provide players with great new challenges, rewards and experiences. Again, we are striving to capture the raw and brutal essence of Robert E Howard’s original world, where evil and darkness can dwell behind even the most majestic of facades. Don’t be fooled by the wondrous architecture and epic landscape, evil dwells in Turan that the players must face!”



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