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We sat down with Aeria Games (huge video games publisher based in Germany) at Gamescom to see where they are at with development of a number of titles they have one the go, as well as talking to them about the business itself which is under a huge restructure. Recently they were bought by ProSieben, and the new company will be called Seven Games. All their PC games are being moved to the Berlin office and they are keeping open a San Francisco office for the North American market, as well as a South Korean office for licensing purposes.

The first bit of business was informing us about the updates on some of their already released titles; their anima MMORPG Aura Kingdoms has now been released in German and is fully up to date with the English and French versions so that any updates will now be simultaneous in all three locations; they are now looking at publishing the game in Spanish and Portuguese. Their football manager game Goal One, currently only available in German, is looking to be localized in other countries, one of the hurdles they face is that with the German release they were given permission by the Deutsch Football Association to use imagery and logos of real league teams, something they are now trying to do with the Football Associations of other countries.

The biggest reveal from Aeria Games was the build up of launching Chaos Heroes Online to the western audience, an original Dota style MOBA that is a huge hit on South Korea, the game is more true to the roots of the original Warcraft Dota game mode which spurred on DotA Chaos and has eventually evolved into Chaos Heroes Online. The game will release in the EU very similar to the South Korean version (though the S.E. Asia version is quite different as suits that market).

Chaos Heroes Online very much follows the DotA style learning curve and it is a hardcore MOBA meant for experienced competitive players. The game itself offers a number of features that set it apart from more recent MOBA such as being able to improve your gear without needing to return to your base, teleport shrines for quick movement around maps and the ability to cut down jungle to create new paths.

The games will have a heavy cap of 50minutes per game, where at the end of that time it will come down to who destroyed the most towers and got the most kills if the game hasn’t been won. Gear will play an interesting role with the developers focusing on allowing players to craft their own items and purchase consumables (both using in game currency or premium currency for improved consumables).

Aeria Games are expecting a closed beta in around 3 to 4 weeks, with a current total of around 60 available and full access to all of them with more being added every few weeks hopefully. There will be a single multi-language server that everyone plays on and the company is looking to hire on an eSports Manager to really push out some European eSports with the title.


Chaos Heroes Online screenshot (1) Chaos Heroes Online screenshot (2) Chaos Heroes Online screenshot (5) Chaos Heroes Online screenshot (6)

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