Aeria Games introduces the story of Golden Age

Aeria Games introduces the story of Golden Age

Aeria Games, has unveiled today the details about the back story for its upcoming exclusive Real-Time Strategy title Golden Age.

Based on true events from medieval European history, Golden Age starts its epic storyline with the rumored conquests of real-life historical figure Jacques de Molay, the last known Grand Master of the powerful Order of Knights Templar.

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Following Molay's documented outrage at baseless arrests of the Knights Templar in 1307 A.D., Golden Age introduces a fellow knight said to have received a map to a lost continent from Molay himself. At Molay’s request, the knight secretly leads 400 Knights Templar to safety in these unknown lands. Players enter the tumultuous Golden Age setting shortly following the Templars’ discovery and colonization of the mysterious treasure-filled region, and must defend their developing fortresses from oncoming waves of greedy plunderers.

Roles in Golden Age:

Ibero Alliance – A later group established in the new land on the democratic principles of ancient Greece and Rome.

Rhine Commerce Guild - Founded by a traveling merchant and his greedy civilian followers, this class of citizens has real-life roots in medieval Germany.
Knight Templar – Based on fictional members of the real historical Order who fled persecution in France in search of a lost land of gold and treasure.

Golden Age is a persistent browser-based game coming soon to players in North America and Latin America.

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