Aeria Games has revealed some new details about Golden Age

Aeria Games has revealed some new details about Golden Age

Aeria Games, has revealed some new details about Golden Age.

At the core of Golden Age is classic, city-building RTS mechanics inspired by true Knights Templar history.

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The game features a host of expansive RPG elements, in-depth strategy-based warfare, and dozens of instanced dungeons. When not fighting other players or conquering pirate encampments, players must lead armies through challenging instanced dungeons.
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Instanced dungeons in Golden Age allow players to:

- Deploy Your Troops – Dispatch defensive or offensive armies of infantry, cavalry, archers, mages, swordsmen, pikemen, heavy ballistae and more.
- Earn Rewards – Win gear and other valuable rewards for your bravery.
- Defeat Rebels – Ambush hideouts to defeat rebellious hordes of traitors that threaten the safety of your citizens.

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