Aeria Games has launched a new trailer of its upcoming browser game Golden Age

Aeria Games, has lauched today a new trailer for Golden Age , its upcoming browser-based title.

Golden Age is exclusively licensed to Aeria Games for release in North America and Latin America, and will be published in English and Spanish.

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Golden Age’s features include:

- Unprecedented Army Management – Plan battles with the war simulator. Watch replays of your glorious combat moments. Prepare your defenses with real-time map data. Split your armies into multiple units of offense and scouting headed by two types of military heroes.
- Interactive RPG Town – Meet friends and non-playable characters (NPCs) in Golden Age’s Temple City. Obtain quests, create allies, and manage your castle’s daily affairs.
- Extensive Building Options – Choose from more than 20 building options in Golden Age. Establish multiple learning centers; various archery, infantry, and spy training facilities; and several types of resource storage buildings as you develop an impenetrable fortress.

Golden Age propels the browser-based Real-Time Strategy genre in a new direction with unprecedented levels of gameplay depth, highly polished graphics, and scores of detailed interfaces where players can fine tune every aspect of their armies and castle management. Set in a medieval fantasy era filled with chaos and turmoil, players are tasked with rising from the region’s ashes as the undisputed leader of the land.

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