Aeria Games has launched a new gameplay trailer and the new Repulse website

Aeria Games has launched a new website and a new gameplay trailer for its latest Sci-Fi MMOFPS title Repulse.

The game will be free to download and free to play, and is scheduled to enter closed beta early next year.

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Repulse unfolds an epic sci-fi inspired tale where humans must journey to a new world to continue their existence. The latest trailer shows in-game footage highlighting intense player maneuvers and edgeyour-seat combat scenarios in Repulse. Players can dive into 16-player battles in 9 thrilling game modes ranging from Deathmatch to Capture the Flag, Invasion and more.

Repulse features:

Jupiter EX Engine – Experience the latest advancements in PC video game technology, engineered with Havok physics for more realistic movement and capabilities.
Change Classes – Experiment with different abilities as you switch freely between the Sniper, Engineer and Assault class.
Twitch-Based Combat – Perform high-tech wall jumps, speed boosts, and other useful tactical maneuvers to give your character the upper hand in combat.
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