Above and Beyond Technologies has released a new pre-alpha video of The Repopulation

Above and Beyond Technologies has released a new pre-alpha video of The Repopulation an independently developed game that utilices the Hero Engine.

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Game Features

- Hybrid approach which blends Sandbox and Theme Park mechanics.

- Unique three Faction PvP (Player vs. Player) system which allows players to join one of the two major Nations (OWON or FPR), or form their own independent Rogue Nation. Rogue Nations are similar to Guilds in other games, except they also act as their own independent faction in PvP.

- City building system allows Nations to form their own cities complete with Walls, Turrets, Harveters, Workshops, Houses, and other forms of structures geared towards benefiting the owning character, or the City as a whole. Cities can even be besieged by opposing Nations.

- Skills based gameplay featuring over 100 skills, and 15 tiers of advancement within each
skill. This includes Combat, Social, Rogue, Crafting, Medical and General skills trees.

- Engagement system which provides randomly occuring events throughout the world. These events can evolve, spread and mutate based on how players respond to them. Visting the same location three times could provide you with three very different environments if players have allowed alien species or catastrophies alter an area. Engagements are both common and random, and all players who participate will be eligible for automatic rewards.

- Advanced generated mission (quest) system ensures that players always have something to keep them occupied. Unlike generated quest systems of the past, our generated quests can be epic in scale.??- Easily toggle between one of our two combat modes. Tired of 1,2,3,4 key mashing combat? Try our Action Mode combat which allows you to aim and shoot your way to victory. Or stick to RPG Mode combat, with a traditional MMORPG feel.

- Numerous new twists on combat traditional MMO combat. Openings system allows players to take advantage of create openings for their allies and encourages teamwork. Momentum system allows you to take advantage of gained Momentum to use powerful abilities. Hide behind cover, croutch or lie prone.

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