A new update has been released for Pirate Galaxy

Splitscreen has released a new update for its 3D browser game Pirate Galaxy.

After the release of the “Sirius Singularity” at the end of October, Splitscreen received lots of constructive feedback from the user community on how the long-awaited expansion could be made even better.

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Among other things, players can expect the following changes: The Sirius Singularity no longer does direct damage to the expedition ships, ships can only be destroyed if the planet which a ship is orbiting collapses. The drives now have a fixed cooldown time of 24 hours before the next jump is possible, and the personal jump drive has been simplified. Thus players can now jump to and from the jump ship without limitations, and the planets where players can collect the quarcs needed for the jump will appear even more frequently.
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In addition, the “Sirius Booster Days” will take place from Wednesday, December 14th to Sunday, December 18th 2011. During this period, Splitscreen will offer exclusive boosters in the Item Shop, which are several times stronger and more effective than the regularly offered ones.

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