A new thanksgiving-themed update has arrived to Cross Fire

G4BOX Inc., has launched today a Thanksgiving-themed update for its free-to-play MMOFPS, Cross Fire.

The update features comes with some new Thanksgiving-themed weapons and equipment, four new weapons, and “Orbital Station”, a low gravity new science-fiction themed Team Deathmatch map featuring high-flying, low gravity gameplay. The update will download automatically upon launching Cross Fire.

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The four new weapons are: a Gold AWM that can be had via coupon exchange in the Black Market, a SCAR-Heavy with a camouflage skin available to loyal players through the Bonus Point Mall, the new M4A-1-S Patriot found in ZP crates, and the LR300 ML rifle available for purchase with ZP in the Item Mall.

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In addition the players that make 500 kills on Orbital Station from November 17th to 20th will receive a special “Soldier Tune-Up Package” which includes a 7-day rifle magazine clip, a 7-day blue smoke grenade, and a 7-day advanced military compass. The update also introduces two new ribbons for competitive clan players to add to their profile.



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