A new server arrives to Planet War

YooGames, has announced that is going to launch their fourth server, Cruiser, for their space exploration browser game, Planet War.

To reward the players for joining the new server the next September 27th, any player who purchases cash shop currency for the first time will receive a gift bundle with some useful items. The bonuses begin with a minimum $30 purchase and climb from there.

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Here's a small sample of the prizes you can win:

- $30 USD purchase buys 600 Gold and the player will receive as a bonus 2x 50k Metal Pack, 2x 50k Crystal Pack, 1x Fuel Pack

- $90 USD purchase buys1800 Gold and the player will receive as a bonus 4x 50k Metal Pack, 4x 50k Crystal Pack, 3x Fuel Pack, 3x 50k Resource Pack, 6x Building Robots

- $999 USD purchase buys 19 900 Gold and the player will receive as a bonus 20x 50k Metal Pack, 20x 50k Crystal Pack, 20x Fuel Pack, 20x 50k Resource Pack, 40x Building Robots, 30x Artificial Wormholes, 1x Building VIP and 1x Tech VIP.

"We've been amazed at Planet War's rapid success. Watching first Knight then Aegis fill up within days of their launch was an unexpected but pleasant surprise!" said Hugo Jiang, Vice President at YooGames. "We're committed to growing with our users, and Cruiser is the next step on that journey and the promotion we have kicked off to provide our new buyers with a special gift pack is our way of saying thank you for taking this journey with us."

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