A new PvP Battle system, the Kolossium has arrived to Dofus

The Kolossium a new PvP battle system, that offers balanced fights to all players with at least, one level 50 character or greater has arrived to DOFUS.

The Kolossium has been conceived as a viable alternative mode for the characters´ progression.

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The Kolossium is a system that organizes 3Vs3 battles, between players of equivalent level. Players can register individually or in groups, but their opponents are automatically selected. A special rating system determines the matches in order to provide balanced battles.

Fighting at the Kolossium allows players to get numerous rewards, beginning with kamas and experience points, but mostly Kolosstokens. The Kolosstokens allow you to obtain exclusive attitudes and resources that you will use to create trophies (new items that will provide a bonus on a specific characteristic) or Soul stones (allowing to capture monsters with a 100% chance of success).

Although the system can be accessed from any map in the game, players can also visit the location that symbolizes the Kolossium, located in the heart of the Cania Massif. This building will allow players to come back and create trophies, as well as buying and selling the Kolossium rewards.


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