A new massive update is coming to Rappelz

Rappelz is celebrating its fifth anniversary and today has announced a major new expansion, Rappelz Epic VII: Ascension.

Coming out mid-November, Ascension will introduce the Vulcanus Dungeon, a series of challenges.

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Players can enter the Vulcanus Dungeon through shrines located around the world and challenge the great Vulcanus at any time, and any level. The dungeon scales to match each player’s ability so even newcomers can get straight into the action. Only the strongest can confront the increasing in difficulty waves of monsters and arrive to the final confrontation with Vulcanus himself.

Vulcanus has summoned an army of fierce monsters to serve him in his lair and flood the world with tons of new monsters. Now the warriors of Rappelz must conquer and contain him before he escapes to do any more harm to the world of Rappelz.

Preparation begins now with the ongoing Rappelz 5 Year Anniversary Celebration. From October 5 through 18, players can take advantage of a +55% HP and +55% MP buff to rip through mob after mob without stopping. In addition more events are scheduled every two weeks and an expansion its on the way.

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