A new guild system has arrived to Maestia, Rise of Keledus

The free-to-play fantasy MMORPG Maestia – Rise of Keledus has released a new guild system.

The new patch comes with some new features to player associations, including expanded functionality. In addition, the statue system honors the best Maestia players.

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With the new bank system, Maestia guilds can for the first time distribute gold reserves among themselves.

Also from now collected Divinity Points of the individual players are added together and displayed as joint guild points. The more points, the faster they will reach higher guild levels and leveling up requires a certain amount of gold. Furthermore, members receive special bonuses with every new level, such as an increased gold drop rate or improvements in strength, vitality, and speed. A higher level also raises the maximum number of members in the guild with a limit of 200 members.

The new ranking shows the standings of all player associations as measured by their guild points. To reach level 10, for example, teams at level 9 must earn a spot among the top three. As a reward, level 10 guilds will receive the Horned Ground Beetle as soon as they earn first place in the monthly ranking. For everyone else, there is the new gargoyle mount in the Lucky Trove.

Finally, the statue system honors the most diligent collectors of Divinity Points every week. Giant depictions of the best players can be admired in the capital Superion. Every week, the three most ambitious players receive this special recognition.

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