A new explosive champion comes to League of Legends, Ziggs, the Hexplosives Expert

League of Legends has released a new champion Ziggs, the Hexplosives Expert. The first thing you’ll notice about Ziggs is that he doesn’t get anything for free, it requires a strong throwing arm and keen aim to get the most out of him, trading safety and caution for massive damage opportunities and insane poke.

Ziggs bounces, a new skill shot paradigm, bombs along the ground at his foes and blasts them to smithereens, providing he can predict his enemy’s movements effectively.



- Bouncing Bomb - Ziggs throws a bouncing bomb that deals magic damage.
- Satchel Charge - Ziggs flings an explosive charge that detonates after 4 seconds, or when this ability is activated again. The explosion deals magic damage to enemies, knocking them away. Ziggs is also knocked away, but takes no damage.
- Hexplosive Minefield - Ziggs scatters proximity mines that detonate on enemy contact, dealing magic damage and slowing.
- Mega Inferno Bomb (Ultimate) - Ziggs deploys his ultimate creation, the Mega Inferno Bomb, hurling it an enormous distance, Enemies in the primary blast zone take more damage than those further away.
- Short Fuse (Passive) - Every 12 seconds Ziggs' next basic attack deals bonus magic damage. This cooldown is reduced whenever Ziggs uses an ability.
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