A new content update arrives to Grand Fantasia

Aeria Games, has released its latest content update for, Grand Fantasia, The Mutated Phoenix Tower.

Buried in the Lost Highlands, the Mutated Phoenix Tower is now accessible for players who seek to destroy the deadliest monsters and earn the best items in the game. This 10-man raid dungeon is suitable for only the highest level players looking for a challenge.

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The new content update includes:

· Conquer the enemies in the dungeon for your chance to face the Mutated Hateful Witch, the Blue Scorpion Queen!
· This new Raid dungeon will drop materials allowing players to craft the highest quality level 80 armor and weapons!
· In addition to this great new dungeon, the Item Buyback feature has been released. Any non-junk item sold to the Merchants can now be purchased back!

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