A new Champion is coming to League of Legends, Fiora, The Grand Duelist

League of Legends has announced the arrival of a new champion Fiora, The Grand Duelist.

Fiora is the first true melee carry since the initial launch of League of Legends. She fights with raw agility and lightning speed, using a fencer’s grace and a range of exciting abilities.


Fiora Skills

- Lunge - Fiora dashes forward to strike her target, dealing physical damage. Fiora can perform the dash a second time within a couple seconds at no mana cost.
- Riposte - Fiora's Attack Damage is increased. When activated, Fiora parries the next basic attack and reflects magic damage back to the attacker. Works against champions, monsters, and large minions.
- Burst of Speed - Fiora temporarily gains additional Attack Speed. Each basic attack or Lunge she lands during this time increases her Movement Speed. Killing a champion refreshes the cooldown on Burst of Speed.
- Blade Waltz (ultimate) - Fiora dashes around the battlefield to deal physical damage to enemy champions. Successive strikes against the same target deal less damage.
- Duelist (passive) - Fiora regenerates health over 6 seconds each time she deals damage. Striking champions will cause this effect to stack up to 4 times.
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