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26/09/2017 | 9:41

Our selection of the best free to play shooters. A monthly TOP 10 with the best online free shooter games, including several subgenres, such MMOFPS, tactical shooters or vehicle shooters.

F2P News 26/09/2017 | 8:39

Crossout received a new content update introducing a brand new faction (the Dawn’s Children), a new PvE raid in which players must intercept a valuable cargo carried by two armed transports, and two new locations: Cursed mines, a labyrinth of… More »

22/09/2017 | 14:00

Our selection of the best free to play games for web browsers. A Top 10 with the best, most interesting, fun and engaging browser-based titles. From city building and management games to real-time action strategy games.

F2P News 22/09/2017 | 11:27

En Masse Entertainment has today published a development roadmap outlining future updates planned for their flagship action MMORPG, TERA. As part of the publisher’s commitment to their community, the roadmap provides dedicated fans with a look at what the game… More »

Giveaways 22/09/2017 | 10:38

Starting today till 02.10.2017, we’ll host a special giveaway for new players of Rage War. Here is your chance to get 300 Extra Gems for free in Rage War! You can do a lot of stuff with this extra Gems,… More »

Articles, F2P News 20/09/2017 | 17:00

Rage War is a free to play city building strategy game where players are thrown back in time after a time travel incident gone wrong, finding themselves in the Stone Age they must rebuild and survive. Train up an army… More »

20/09/2017 | 10:00

Our selection of the best free to play MOBA Games. A TOP 10 with the BEST multiplayer online battle arena titles, real-time strategy games in which players controls a single character in usually one of two teams

Articles, F2P News 15/09/2017 | 13:49

Propelled into an unknown part of the galaxy the battle between Cylons and Humans continues to rage on. In Battlestar Galactica Online player get to swear their allegiance to one of these two mighty factions embroiled in war and battle… More »

Articles, F2P News 15/09/2017 | 11:23

In Rage War players find themselves travelling back in time to the Stone Age in an alternate universe, guided by famed inventor Leonardo Da Vinci. With an extensive PVE story focused campaign to recover components for his time machine, or… More »

F2P News 15/09/2017 | 9:42

Free to play vehicular MOBA Switchblade has just entered Closed Beta. This new title developed with Unreal Engine 4 is expected to be released on PC and PlayStation 4 in early 2018. Watch the announcement trailer below. Switchblade is a… More »

F2P News 14/09/2017 | 15:21

Heroes & Generals has just received a new content update introducing three new medium planes and leaderboards. Watch the overview video below. Players can now compare their performance with other players across the following categories: Overall – ranking soldiers based… More »

F2P News 14/09/2017 | 14:18

Revelation Online‘s latest update, “Uprising”, is available today. This new content update introduces a new level cap (79), a new floor for the Mech Citadel Dungeon, and a brand-new raid with different difficulty levels: the Altar of Swords. The first… More »