4Story presents its main May event, the Mentor-Mentee event

Zemi Interactive, Inc., has unveiled its main May Event for 4Story. The Mentor-Mentee Event. Ever since the Mentor-Mentee system was implemented into the game, the 4Story Team has decided to plan out a Mentor-Mentee event using the new function in game.

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The event itself utilizes the Mentor-Mentee function that allows level 90 players to recruit lower level players to be their Mentees. A lower level player that has been partied up with a Mentor gets twice more experience then when leveling up solo or leveling up with a normal party.

In the event Level 90 players must recruit at least 3 mentees and help them level up to level 30 by the end of may. If they succeed, both mentor and mentees will be rewarded with great prizes. However, this event isn’t only about getting rewards.

The event will help improve the in-game community amongst new and old players. The new lower level players will have a better understanding of the game mechanics while a level 90 player helps them out with leveling. Level 90 players will have a chance to get a reward while the lower level players get double the experience points and have a chance to get great prizes as well.

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