4Story is starting tomorrow a new event, The Auction Event

Zemi Interactive, Inc., has unveiled some information of the upcoming in-game Auction event for 4story.

The new in-game auction will be held for 1 month starting tomorrow. There will be a bunch of cash armors out in the in-game Auction NPC.

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Those armors will be 39 performance level items, the best armor in the game. What’s more, they will be purchasable using in game money. All 30 items will be sold through in-game auction NPC.

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The event is an honorary event for the coming of the in-game cash item sales. According to one of the development plans of 4Story presented by the 4Story PM Shin Hyeon Ho, there will be an NPC in each capital of Broa, Defugel and Craxion designated to selling cash items.
The price will depend on the market price of the endendros which is 8 Rune for 100 Endendros coin at the current moment. Therefore 1 Potion of Fortune, which is 199 cash points, will cost about 15.92 Runes.

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