4Story has unveiled some information abount its upcoming updates

Zemi Interactive, Inc., has unveiled some information of the coming updates for the free to play MMO 4Story.

According to a sneak preview provided by one of the developers of 4Story, the game will be undergoing major changes soon. There was one change that became known to the public and that is the introducing of cash items into the in-game shops.

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There’s been many rumors about how “Runes”, 4Story’s official money, was lacking its quality because simply there were no use of them in-game. Many of the items were sold as cash items and without real money, it was really hard to enjoy the game. Now this is about to be changed.
The developer is planning on placing all the cash items into the in-game shop so that they may be purchased through in-game money. Hopefully, this will in-turn, bring the reason for hunting and gathering in-game Runes, making 4Story a real Free-to-play mmo.

More plans of changes are under way and some may come sooner than expected and others are only at its planning stage.

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