4Story has started a Cash King Event to celebrate the arrival of the summer vacation

Zemi Interactive's free to play MMO 4Story, has has started its Cash King Event to celebrate the coming of the summer vacation.

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This event gives away a free 42 inch 3D Led LCD TV to the top point purchaser. The second most purchaser will receive a free performance level 38 weapon plus 10k of cash points. The event will last until June 30th, 2012.

This event will be followed by a x3 Exp Event. Also, to help the returning users, 3 types of 5 days limited performance level 38 weapon upgraded up to 15 will be freely given on July 4th at 11:00 and 19:00 in celebration of the US Independence Day. The event will also be followed by a 15% cash items sales event.

These events are also events to celebrate the coming of the 4 new pet system that is supposed to be launched in August or September. This is a new system in addition to the already existing mount system. The pet, which will have to be fed to level up, will then be used to participate in an all new pet tournament.

Meanwhile, in the Korean version of 4Story, a new fantastic updates a being planned in July 10th. The character speed will be enhanced by 10% and the basic mount speed will be upgraded by 15%. Furthermore, a new system will enable users to see distance objects will also be added. And finally, daily quests will be added.

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