4Story has presented new information of its upcoming update

Zemi Interactive, Inc., has announced news of the coming update of 4Story. Besides the in-game money purchasable cash items, 4Story will be introducing some new PVP areas.

The new pvp area will take shape in the form of a new Mission War map, or a Document war as some may have call it. Only the outline of the plan is out yet, but soon the details will follow as the new mission map is estimated for launch within next year.

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4Story will be celebrating the coming of the renewal in the form of two events in January: The revenge of the orcs 2 and the 4s Re New Al word collecting event as part of the 4Story Renewal Event. In revenge of the orc 2, just like to former event, it will give out a bunch of free cash items in the form of Mystery Box. Likewise, in the word collecting event, to whoever collects the word 4S RE NEW AL will be given several fabulous prize.

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