2012 is being a great year for Innogames

2012 is being a great year for Innogames
2012 is being a great year for Innogames

For the German browser game developer InnoGames, 2012 is being a great year, and part of this success is due to the release of Forge of Empires, its more successful game until now, with more than 5 million players since its launch 6 months ago.

In a few days, we will welcome the 100 millionth-player into our games,” confirms InnoGames Founder and Managing Director Hendrik Klindworth. And for this the developer and publisher has set ambitious goals for 2013. “We plan on launching three more successful games into the market next year, while also bringing Forge of Empires to mobile, and conferring a bigger market share to Grepolis and Tribal Wars,” Klindworth explains.

Currently, InnoGames employs over 200 international professionals, and expects to grow the family. “Our goal is to reach 280 permanent employees in 2013, especially adding those working to further our cross-platform emphasis,” remarks Klindworth on the sustainable growth rate of the company.

Armin Busen, Chief Financial Officer at InnoGames, adds: “Forge of Empires has already exceeded our high expectations, but in addition, three-year-old Grepolis has had its best year yet. Our growth has continued to be stable, and in the last two years, we have increased our revenue by 50%.” The company had been profitable in every single month, Busen mentions. InnoGames’ 2012 turnover is expected to reach 50 million EUR.

Other known titles of Innogames are Tribal Wars, The West or Grepolis.

Source of information: InnoGames press release.

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