1500 beta keys for Archlord, Soul of the Ultimate Nation "SUN", R2 Online et Mu Online

Webzen and all its games, Archlord, Soul of the Ultimate Nation "SUN", R2 Online and Mu Online, celebrate Webzen Secound Year Anniversary. We are teaming up with Gameitems.com to offer you 1500 beta keys to try all four games.

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With 1 Beta Key, that you can obtain by introducing your email address below, you will be able to activate all 4 servicing games Beta Key benefits! As a Beta key holder, you’ll have the chance to experience all for games!

1. Once you have the beta key, connect or create a Webzen account on the official website of one of the 4 games.
2. After login in to the website, redeem your Beta Key on All-IN-ONE Promotion page and enter your beta key number, then click “Confirm”.
3. Wait until your input key digit numbers is verified, then click “Apply”.
4. After you have activated the beta key, access to the game you want to play.

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1) Trail experience of NEW expansion ‘Ascent From Hell’ before it’s release at the Beta Key Server.
2) Provided with a level 100 character to start at the Beta Key server
3) Able to use limitless cash items for FREE at the Beta Key server.
* To access to Archlord Beta Key Server you will need to download the Beta Server Client

Soul of the Ultimate Nation SUN

1) Able to create the new added class of Episode 2 in advance.
2) Provided with a special potion which will level up the character to level 30.
3) Limited Beta Key Mount and fast level up provided during the event period

R2 Online

1) Beta Key active account will be able to participate on the 2nd User Test and experience the unreleased content Siege and Spot Warfare.

MU Online

1) Beta Key active account will be able to create the game’s new character ‘Rage Fighter’ for FREE.


Archlord Beta Key period is scheduled from July 20 ~ July 25, 2011 GST

MU Online, S.U.N, R2 Online Beta Key period is scheduled from July 27 ~ August 10, 2011 GST

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