1.5 version arrives to S4 Season Dark Lightning

Burda: ic has released 1.5 version of S4 League Dark Lightning, which promises total customization: users have avaliable new costumes that stand out from other players.

In addition, these new accessories brings more experience and improve your game stats.

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Version 1.5 of the game also includes new short-range and melee weapons, which will rebalance various characters. In this sense this new content patch will give players the opportunity to improve their statistics when playing as Chaser, offering more balanced battles.

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Finally, a new map will allow players to practice their new skills: an abandoned jail is the new stage for 1.5 version. This map is only available on Death Match mode.

The events are the counterpart to the updates that come with 1.5 version. Players can enjoy to the May 24 event allowing more capsules and discounts.

Also, if you are a veteran in S4 League (if you play from the May 11, 2009 or earlier) and have played at some point in the past four weeks will receive a pack of objects in thanks to your faithfulness.

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