“Return of the Hero” update for Mabinogi

Nexon is bringing the fear factor to Mabinogi. Following the success of the recent “Uncharted Lands” update, which brought Nexon’s European services for Mabinogi up to the level of the US servers, comes “Return of the Hero”, a thrilling new chapter in which players can experience the gripping story of the Twelfth Generation, along with a host of new challenges, in the World of Gods.

Halloween in Mabinogi

As well as all the new content players can enjoy in the Twelfth Generation, “Return of the Hero” is packed full of seasonal Halloween items. Fans can enjoy a charming new quest series based on the pumpkin-abusing festival, along with rare, Halloween-themed customization options. New spooky pets – including the Kid Ghost (limited time offer only) and the Angry Pumpkin – that can permanently accompany players throughout the game are also on offer, so don’t miss the chance to grab one!

Family ties
Furthermore, “Return of the Hero” introduces a brand new family system to Mabinogi. Married characters can now adopt children in-game and profit from special family bonuses. For example, Parents can now instantly summon their kin and spouse when they find themselves in trouble. Family mottos are another great addition, unlocking special in-game titles (providing all family members follow them!), bolstering the already impressive social and cooperative elements of the game.

A look into the future
With winter fast approaching you’ll be able to forget the cold with even more special events to follow in November. First up is a thrilling “Capture the Flag” event, followed by a glamorous Fashion Show for all of Mabinogi’s trendsetters, more details of which will be revealed soon. Also, anybody who plays “Return of the Hero” having already completed the Eleventh Generation will be in line for some super secret bonus items next month.

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