Zombies Ate My Pizza Gets Vehicles


Get ready for a new major update for Zombies Ate My Pizza, the funny action RPG/shooter from R2Games. This new patch adds to the game vehicles and other new features such as a new level cap of 100, new elite bosses, additional battle supplies, an improved private chat and enhanced attributes.

Zombies ate my pizza screenshot (17) Zombies ate my pizza screenshot (13) Zombies ate my pizza screenshot (5) Zombies ate my pizza screenshot (21)

Starting from level 45 and after a quest chain, players will unlock the ride system and will have access to several mounts, each one with its very own stats that can improve a character or increase the ammunition during the battle.

You can also upgrade your Ride Attributes using certain items, such as Energy Stones or the game's premium currency: Cheddar. Special Rides can also be unlocked by using Ride Cards or can be purchased from the shop.

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