Ballistic wallpapers

  • Rumble Entertainment presents Ballistic
  •   Rumble Entertainment has just unveiled the first screenshots and a video for their upcoming browser MMOFPS Ballistic, which promises to bring an AAA-quality MMOFPS experience on Facebook and the major browsers and make it accessible to any computer.   Set in the near...
  • Conflict of Nations Adds a New 45 Player Map
  • This month brings a new update for Conflict of Nations, introducing a new missile defense system (THADD), new units, balancing changes and the new 45-player map. The THADD system (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense) is an anti-ballistic system designed in responde to the Scud missile...
  • Interview with Joshua Morris, Armored Warfare
  •   We got the chance to talk with Joshua Morris, North American Publishing Producer for Armored Warfare, about the upcoming new strategic title from Obsidian. He was kind enough to answer our questions and this is the result: a very interesting interview where we get to know this breathtaking...


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  1. Legion2552 October 21, 2014 at 1:19 AM -

    I’m sure he means Quarter 1 of 2015. You cannot exactly place it in the past. 😉