Vanguard changes its free to play model


Harvey "Rahtiz" Burgess, producer of Vanguard, just published, on the game's official site, a letter to the community where explains some new changes to the commercial model of the title.

The team decided to soften the free-to-play model restriction and give more freedom to the free users. Starting from now, all the players will have access to all the classes, races, max level, a house, guild creation and a lot more. The reason behind this decision is the desire to give to all the players a chance to enjoy every aspect of the game. The players, this way, will understand how much the game has to offer and will find even more valuable and attractive the subscription option.

This is surely an interesting point of view and could push a lot of uncertain players to try out the game, but will this be enough to increase the subscriptions and bring more life to Vanguard? What do you think about it?

Source of informations: SOE press release.

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