Uncharted Waters Online launches its new expansion, El Oriente

CJ Games Global has launched the new expansion of Uncharted Waters Online, El Oriente. Now players can explore China and Taiwan, full of exotic goods to trade in the new Nanban Trade Market, that can enrich you quickly.

Plus 2 new dungeons are available, in the southern part of Sichuan you will find the giant Buddha of Leshan, which will be the entry of the first Dungeon, and in the Northwest of the coast of Taiwan  we can find the Fort San Domingo, which contains more dungeons full of secrets and rewards.

"El Oriente is one of our biggest updates yet, with nearly 300 new quests, 100 discoveries and 30 new ships for players," said Jon Merriex, Producer, CJ Games Global. "This update also adds a whole new dimension for players who enjoy trading, and we can't wait to see how high their profits go. Just beware, gold doesn't offer protection from pirates."

Source of information: CJ Games Global press release

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