Uncharted Waters Finds a New Home


OGPlanet has just announced that Uncharted Waters Online, the beloved free-to-play MMORPG which has its roots in the NES days, is going to be relaunched by them during this Fall. In order to ensure the maximum quality level, OGPlanet will be partering with TECMO KOEI GAMES to continue the service and the developement of the game.

"We are pleased to announce that Uncharted Waters Online will continue service with OGPlanet. OGPlanet is the perfect partner to help cultivate our extremely dedicated fan-base, and to bring new players in to discover the magnitude of our game." - Tomokazu Takeda, Producer of Uncharted Waters Online, Executive Officer, TECMO KOEI GAMES

"With Uncharted Waters being one of the most iconic gaming IPs in Asia for over two decades, OGPlanet can't be happier to partner with an equally iconic developer, TECMO KOEI GAMES, to continue publishing the latest online title for Western audiences." - Jason H. Lee, Director of Game Operations, OGPlanet

Source of information: OGPlanet press release

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