TMQFEL Introduces a New mechanic


The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot (TMQFEL) has received a major update, bringing to the game the new defence crafting system and new creates, adding more variety and depth to the players' castle.

The new defence crafting mechanic allows players to use materials they loot in other player’s castles or tombstones from dead attackers to create stronger creatures and traps.

Four new creatures have been added to the roster, including The Goatman, a deadly ranged creature. Mr. Boomboom, an elite version of the Explodifier, is also available. Stabbington is the dreaded boss of the Stabbinshire region and can also defend your castle from thieves. The fearsome Dragon Terribilis, the ultimate boss in Opulencia, can also be crafted and placed in your castle.

Also, a new weekly event called “Most Wanted Creatures and Traps” has also been introduced to the game. It features special rare creatures and traps that will be only available for a limited time.

Watch out the trailer for this update.


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