The F2Peer Review: Skyrama

We throw Skyrama over our community reviewers for our next F2Peer Review. This free to play airport simulator can be played through any web browser and it allows players to level up and build their own airport, laying out each building, upgrading them and then managing aircraft as they send them to other countries in search of rewards.

There’s a mixed bag of friendly competition to have the best airport and cooperative elements working with other players, but what did our players make of the game?

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  • JimSlam: I honestly don’t get why people like these games, there’s no challenge, if you want to kill some time on a free to play game then there’s so many other better options, I’m not sure where the appeal is. However, people do, the graphics were decent for a kids browser game, clear tutorials, but I just don’t go in for the Farmville style games (that’s essentially all Skyrama is, only you’re building planes instead of animals I guess). Not something I would willingly play, though for what it is I guess Bigpoint have done a good job on it.

  • IAMJohn: I generally lean towards more casual games and I can see where and why games such as this would be addictive, it really draws you in quite quickly, even if it is very simple at its core and has easy appeal for young gamers or those that are less technically/gamer minded (which is why these types of games are always a big hit on Facebook). Getting more invested in the game as you progress, wanting to reach the next milestone, unlock the next plane, construct one more building… there’s a lot to keep you going. My main issue is that it’s purely solo play for the most part, the co-op elements are just a token feature, communication with other players is slow and there’s not much to work with; it’s fine if you want something to casually pick away at.

  • Kittypride: I really like this game, but I’ve played a lot of games like these over Facebook and do find them hard to put down when I get started! They can start off a little slow sometimes, then pick up mid-game once you have more to play with. The most addictive part of the game for me is the souvenir “Collections” feature, where each time you travel to a country you bring back one of a handful of random items, which can be combined into different item sets to build up full collections for extra bonuses, with dozens of sets it’s a game within a game and ended up being my main focus!

  • Ballgon: Load of rubbish. These games are just pointless click fests where there’s no strategy, skill or even thought that needs to go into them and just mindless zombie clicking. How is clicking a plane, maintaining it, refuelling it, clicking to to send it off again, click the next plane, maintain it… etc.. etc… even a fun experience? Absolutely gripping! They appeal to mindless idiots that don’t have the mind set to play anything challenging, and more money than sense as they drop cash into an endless money sink. I’ll take a pass.

  • Tenebrae: I’ve actually previously played Farmerama, one of the other games from Bigpoint, so it’s easy to see where they have their similarities and the core mechanics to create a fairly identifiable playstyle. I like having to micromanage your planes, landing other players planes and choosing the destination of your own, like a real air-traffic controller (only not quite as stressful!). Checking off the different countries one at a time is its own metagame, but watching how your airport grows is pretty cool.

  • Elijah: I find the amount of time you can easily sink into this game quite worrying and reminds me of the Sid Meier’s Civ games where I always had to have one extra turn… there’s always something new to click, a new plane coming in, a new one to send out; it’s surprisingly hard to stop playing. Next thing you know you’ve lost a few hours. Whilst I didn’t come away thinking “That was an amazing game”, it’s fun enough and pretty well designed.

  • Your_Nemesis: Pretty boring with not much to it, there’s not enough engaging features (not to say there’s not enough to do, just not enough that’s interesting), but the reality is that it’s the same game from start to finish. You maintain planes, send them off, get cash, buy new buildings, buy new planes, maintain them, send them off, rinse and repeat. That’s how it felt to me anyway, the same cycle over and over but each time round everything is slightly more improved but all you have to work towards if making everything better again.

Well there you have it, our players have pitched in with their thoughts about Skyrama, but what about you? Have you played the game, and if so what did you think, or if not why not? What do you think about what our players have had to say? Give us your feedback in the comments below!

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