The Community Robot Factory Arrives in Robocraft


Robocraft's newest expansion, Share-Drive-Fight, is now live, introducing a Community Robot Factory and a brand-new single player PvE mode where players can earn advancement and resources on par with the game’s PVP modes, by defeating waves of AI controlled battle robots.

The Community Robot Factory (CRF) is a new feature that allows players to design, build, promote and trade their own robots. Players get to contribute with up to 5 different robots and other players can view hire and/or purchase them to use them in battle. At the moment, there are over 13,400 robots submitted by the alpha test community.

Contributors receive a commission on all of their Community Robots that are leased or purchased, as well as receiving statistics on sales and player opinion of them. After the first battle, the leasee/purchaser can rate the Community Robot’s Style and Battle-worthiness.


Robocraft shot 1 Robocraft shot 2 Robocraft shot 3 Robocraft shot 4

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