STO, Legacy of Romulus Expansion is now Live


The wait is over, and all the Star Trek Online Fans can celebrate! The so awaited Legacy of Romulus expansion has been officially launched! In this new expansion you can, for the first time ever, play as a Romulan or Reman through new story-driven mission arcs written exclusively from the Romulan Republic’s point of view.

"Legacy of Romulus is the first Star Trek Online expansion and we are pleased to be able to offer players and fans alike a chance to play as a member of the Romulan Republic during this crucial time," said Daniel Stahl, Executive Producer, Cryptic Studios. "It’s an exciting time in Star Trek Online and with Romulus and Remus gone, players need to rise up and revolt against the oppressive Tal Shiar regime."

Source of information: Perfect World Entertainment press release.

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