Star Trek Online unveils the new Legacy and Starter Packs


Perfect World Entertainment has just unveiledl the new Legacy and Starter Packs for the upcoming Star Trek Online expansion, Legacy of Romulus. Starting today, Star Trek Online players will be able to pre-order these packs at a discounted rate.

The Star Trek Online Legacy pack costs $124.99 and contains:
- D’deridex Warbird Retrofit
- Mogai Warbird Retrofit
- Dhelan Warbird Retrofit
- Premium Romulan Faction Species – Reman
- Plus 13 more items included!

The Star Trek Online Starter pack costs $19.99 and contains:
- T’Varo Light Warbird
- T’Varo Warbird Retrofit
- Liberated Borg Reman Officer
- Survivor of Romulus Title

Source of information: Perfect World Entertainment press release

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